1. Presentation Sales Skills – Sales presentations have changed drastically as a result of the new emphasis on inside sales. When you’re selling face-to-face, you can gauge your prospect’s interest by paying attention to body language, facial gestures, and other nonverbal cues.A lot of those valuable clues disappear, though, when you’re talking with someone on the phone or sending them an electronic proposal for review. This means inside sales reps need to develop a whole new set of stills to make their presentations effective. Luckily, technology has evolved as sales have, so there are a lot of tools that help you accomplish these necessary tasks.Inside sales reps must know how to assess their prospects’ digital body language.
    • Are your prospects opening your presentations and proposals?
    • Which slides do they spend the most time viewing?
    • Is your collateral confusing or does it inspire your prospects to learn more?

    Inside sales tools, like Fileboard, provide slide analytics, so you can see how your prospects react to your digital presentations. This is key to continuing to develop digital sales skills as an inside sales rep.

    Some other useful presentation tips? Remember to keep your decks to 20 slides or less and keep your presentations to less than 30 minutes.

  2. Ask Good Questions – Good sales questions accomplish two important things: they keep your prospect engaged in the conversation, and they give you valuable information you can use to better understand your prospects and advance the sale.Here are three types of questions you can ask:Questions that break the ice and build rapport.

    “I see that you attended Dreamforce last year. We were there, too. Are you going again this year?”

    Questions that get them thinking about the problem you can help them solve.

    “Many of our clients are struggling with lead scoring right now. Most of the leads that marketing passes to sales never get contacted. How are you handling that?”

    Questions that help them envision a better future after they adopt your solution.

    “How many more deals do you think you could close each quarter if you could motivate your reps to give 20 percent more effort?”

    By making prospects smile by surprising or elating them, you build value. The ability to build up your value first is one of the most essential sales skills.

  3. Discipline – Inside sales is a science. You can give yourself an edge by following proven best practices. There’s no magic potion. You just need the discipline to use the data in your favor.Here are three metrics that are key to your success:
    • Immediacy:Call leads back faster—within five minutes, if you can. That increases your likelihood of getting ahold of someone. When you do get them on the phone, don’t go straight into your sales pitch. Start by building up the relationship and presenting your value.
    • Persistence:Don’t give up on your leads too soon. Most salespeople stop reaching out to leads after only two attempts, but studies show that it takes around five follow-up calls to close the deal.But this is also where a rep’s success usually goes wrong. It’s very hard to keep an overview of all the deals that you’re working on, and to know each day which deal to follow up on. 
    • Direct-Dial Numbers:Do you spend most of your time trying to sneak past gatekeepers? Or do you make a conscious effort to use direct-dial numbers? You can increase your contact rates by calling a higher percentage of direct lines.

    It’s easier to follow these guidelines if you have the discipline to manage your time wisely. So, stay focused and don’t let distractions sabotage your success.


The better you can get at each of these essential selling techniques, the easier sales will come and the faster you’ll rise up the ranks. And of course, it really helps if you follow a consistent sales process.


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